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Since 1987 we are your contact on Tenerife for better and healthier sleeping. In our bed house you receive beside a big product choice, also a detailed and competent professional consultation by our trained and motivated employees. As a family enterprise we are for over 25 years constantly in search of new trends and products which make your sleep more pleasant. Already know that you spend just one third of your life in the bed or sleep! The healthy sleep is the most important condition for our efficiency and our well-being.

Climabalance eiderdown

Outwash plain Climabalance premium medium Eiderdown Climabalance - the sleeping system. Worldwide patents. These high-quality ClimaBalance eiderdown with built-in climate zones provides for the highest sleeping comfort. Air cushions in the climate zones of the ClimaBalance eiderdowns adjust warmth and humidity.

Tenerife - bed linen

Residential ideas with cupboard beds

Living and sleeping on the narrowest space without having to renounce comfort? This goes - in no time you transform your sitting room into a bedroom or into a guest-room.

Tenerife - away beds

Therapy and Rehabetten

Since 1992 Hermann Bock offers complete nursing facilities and has become meanwhile one of the leading manufacturers of health beds for therapy and care in Germany.

Tenerife - Therapy and Rehabilitation Beds

Choose your sleeping sofa!

Whether in the flatlet, in the home office or youth room - a sleeping sofa thinks always his place where living and sleeping should be combined. With only few handles a comfortable sleeping site can be conjured from the smart sofa - vice versa of course with the same ease by the bed to the sofa.

Teneriffa - sofa

Niehoff seat piece of furniture

With a wide, zeitgemssen and collection in line with market requirements in the area of dining room pieces of furniture the Niehoff-enterprise group offers a big choice in interesting possible combinations to the end customer. Various wooden colours and metal colours with different coverings.

Tenerife - seating

Wössner the eating place brand

Checked quality. Guaranteed security. Healthy living. Whether corner seat or U bank. We deliver all centimetre benches to measure - without surcharge!

Tenerife Dining area seating

The bed system - boxspring

Create your private place to the dream. Drop to yourselves and genissen you the perfect combination of attractive optics and comfortable couch comfort. Qualitatively high-quality processing and the best materials provide for a pleasant sleeping feeling.

Tenerife - boxspring

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